Andrew Kehoe
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Andrew Kehoe

Andrew Kehoe
"Criminals are Made, Not Born.'' 
Was found painted at Kehoe's farm.

BORN : February 1, 1872
DIED : May 18, 1927 
KILLED: 45 people

Place: Bath, Michigan. 

Andrew Kehoe, a farmer who served as treasurer of the local school board, was furious with new taxes levied to pay for the then 5-year-old school. He openly opposed the creation of the consolidated school in 1924, believing it would create financial problems.

For much of the spring in 1927, Kehoe strung wires and hid dynamite in the basement of the 250-student school about 10 miles northeast of Lansing.  He was able to do this because school administrators thought Kehoe, known for his penny-pinching ways, was doing odd jobs to save the school the expense of hiring an electrician.

Kehoe was pushed over the edge when the mortgage on his farm was foreclosed.  It seems that by wiring up the school he was punishing Bath's citizens. In particular the one's that had voted for the new tax, a tax that he believed had left him with not enough money to keep paying the mortgage of his farm.

So, A few minutes before 9:45 on May 18, 1927, apparently a sunny May morning, Kehoe entered the school. Most students were inside, finishing up exams the day before school was to recess for the summer.  It would seem he set a timing device for his 'gift' to the townsfolk of Bath.

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