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The Columbine Killers Biography

When 16-year-old Sean Fitzpatrick walked into his Spokane, Wash., high school last fall and fired a shot into a classroom wall, authorities quickly responded. School officials evacuated 2,000 students and within 15 minutes of the first 911 call, a SWAT team had contained the teenager inside a chemistry lab. Although the Spokane school was well-prepared, experts warned as the five-year anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre approached Tuesday that the focus on school security has declined. Even in Colorado, some schools have not followed up on recommendations and the use of prevention programs has diminished. "The problem is that when public attention fades away, momentum also does," said state Assistant Attorney General Don Quick, who served on the Columbine Review Commission and continues to meet with school officials on safety issues. "We're trying to prevent that."


The After Math Of The Columbine Shootings


The Reasons For Columbine Shootings

f it hadn't of been for bully's and people that think there cool, there would still be the several would still be around today. Unfortunately that's all it took for these ticking time bombs. Columbine School is where the location was and as you can see in the picture it was probably done at lunch. The 2 teens went home at lunch and came back loaded with ammo and shot several kids. By the time they were done they shot themselves in the head. All of this killing because they teens got picked on all the time and couldn't take no more. What a tragidy this was to the kids and the parents. Sean Fitzpatrick was the main cause of this and he had an accomplice. People in Colorado have learn a lesson from all of this. that is to respect your peers.

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